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How to Unlock iPhone 5c by IMEI

Think your iPhone 5c is locked? Want to use your iPhone 5c with a different carrier?

If your iPhone 5c won’t work with a new carrier, it could be locked. If you purchased your phone from a carrier shop and not an official Apple iPhone store, this can often happen. To find out if your iPhone 5c is locked, try inserting a new sim into the device. If your iPhone 5c suddenly won’t work, it is locked. This is a problem if you want to use a local sim while traveling or change your carrier. If you think your iPhone 5c is locked, you will need an iPhone unlock service to unlock your cell officially and safely. This is where we can help!

iPhone Approved Unlock can unlock your iPhone 5c within 24 hours to free your handset from your carrier. Our Apple tech experts will whitelist your cell phone in the Apple database, which ensures a permanent unlock. We offer the fastest and cheapest iPhone 5c unlock service and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. To unlock your iPhone 5c, all we need is your IMEI number.


Enter your iPhone 5C details

Select the Carrier the device is locked to and enter the IMEI or Serial

If you don't know your IMEI number then dial *#06# into your Cell

If you don’t know the Carrier your device is locked to use our Carrier check.


Process your unlock

Your payment is verified and your order is processed.

Your live tracking login is supplied within the confirmation email.


Device Unlocked

Your iPhone 5C device is unlocked.

Confirmation will be sent to you via email and your unlock is delivered Over-The-Air using 3G/4G/WIFI

Why unlock your iPhone 5c?

The iPhone 5c was launched in 2013 as a low-cost alternative to the iPhone 5s. The attractive handset has a 4 inch touchscreen display and an Apple A6 processor. The case is made from polycarbonate with a thicker design than other iPhone models to give a pleasing chunkiness. You can buy the iPhone 5c in a variety of colors, including blue, green, pink, yellow, and white for great customization possibilities. An 8 MP rear camera, 1.2 MP FaceTime front camera and video camera with 3x digital zooming, this nifty gadget is a top choice and a strong alternative the iPhone 5 and 5s.

To enjoy all the features of the iPhone 5c with complete freedom, you’ll need to unlock your handset from its current carrier. Our official iPhone 5c unlock service unlocks your cell safely and permanently. This is ideal for when traveling abroad so you can use your iPhone 5c with a local sim and avoid the high roaming fees. If you want to sell your phone, you will also need to unlock your iPhone 5c so the buyer can use their own sim with the device.

Another reason for wanting to unlock your iPhone 5c is to use it with a new carrier with a better deal. Although you’ll still have to pay your monthly bill until your contract expires, by unlocking your iPhone 5c, you can move to another carrier easily. Whatever your reasons for unlocking your iPhone 5c online, our remote unlock service will unlock your cell by IMEI within 24 hours.

What to do to unlock your iPhone 5c?

If you’ve been wondering ‘How do I unlock my iPhone 5c?’ you’ve come to the right place. We can unlock your iPhone 5c remotely by whitelisting your IMEI number in the Apple database. This means it will be a permanent iPhone unlock and your cell will never be relocked. All we need to unlock your iPhone 5c is your IMEI number.

The IMEI number is series of 15 unique digits that identifies your cell. The IMEI number will be visible in your iPhone settings in the sim tray, on the phone packaging or in your iTunes account. Once we have the IMEI number for your cell, we can unlock your iPhone 5c remotely. We guarantee your iPhone 5c will be permanently unlocked and your Apple warranty will be unaffected.

Don’t know what carrier your iPhone 5c is locked to? No problem. Simply use our quick carrier check tool.

Why choose iPhone Approved Unlock for your iPhone 5c?

iPhone Approved Unlock is the most reliable online iPhone 5c unlock service online. We unlock your iPhone 5c remotely, so you don’t need to send us your device. You can also login to check the progress of your unlock online in real time.

Our Apple-certified tech team will unlock your iPhone 5c ‘over the air’ using 3F/4G or Wi-Fi, which means your cell service will remain uninterrupted throughout the process. We will unlock your iPhone 5c by IMEI within 24 hours, so you can use it on any carrier worldwide. We guarantee your phone will never be re-locked.

We have a 100% success rate with all iPhones, but if for any reason we can’t unlock your iPhone 5c, you’ll get your money back.

Any questions? You can always get in touch with our customer support team 24/7.


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