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How to Unlock iPhone X by IMEI

Need to use your iPhone X with a new carrier? Think your iPhone X is locked?

If you can’t use your iPhone X with a new carrier, it could be locked. You might find your iPhone X is locked if you bought it from a carrier store instead of an official Apple iPhone store. When you insert a new sim into your device, this will tell you if your iPhone X is locked or not. If the new sim will not work in your phone, your iPhone X needs unlocking.

IPhone Approved Unlock can unlock your iPhone X legally and cheaply within 24 hours. Our sim unlock service has been created to officially unlock iPhone X by IMEI. Our procedure whitelists your device in the Apple database to ensure your phone is permanently unlocked and will never be re-locked. All we need to unlock your iPhone X is your IMEI number.


Enter your iPhone X details

Select the Carrier the device is locked to and enter the IMEI or Serial

If you don't know your IMEI number then dial *#06# into your Cell

If you don’t know the Carrier your device is locked to use our Carrier check.


Process your unlock

Your payment is verified and your order is processed.

Your live tracking login is supplied within the confirmation email.


Device Unlocked

Your iPhone X device is unlocked.

Confirmation will be sent to you via email and your unlock is delivered Over-The-Air using 3G/4G/WIFI

Why unlock your iPhone X?

The iPhone X has a clean and crisp 5.8 inch OLED display, an A11 bionic processor and 64 GB of internal storage. This leading 2017 iPhone comes with wireless inductive charging, facial recognition and an edge-to-edge large screen design. The TrueDepth camera is powerful with a 7mp selfie camera and a 12mp rear camera, including wide angle and telephoto lens. You also get Animoji – fun 3D emoji characters - that you can control using your own facial muscles!

In order to enjoy all these incredible features, you will need to unlock your iPhone X so you can use it on any carrier. You might want to unlock your iPhone X by IMEI if you find a better deal outside of your current contract. Although you’ll still need to pay your current contract bill until it expires, we can help you unlock your iPhone X from your carrier so you can use a new sim card with your phone.

If you want to sell your iPhone X, you will also need to unlock it first. When someone buys a pre-owned iPhone X, they will need to insert their own sim, which means the phone needs to be unlocked. You can use an official iPhone X unlock service to do this and your phone will be ready to sell straight away.

When you travel abroad, most networks charge a roaming fee to use your phone. To avoid these costs, it is advisable to buy a local sim card to use in your phone. However, you will need to unlock your iPhone X from its network first in order to use a local sim. This is another reason you might need an iPhone X unlock online service.

What to do to unlock your iPhone X?

If you’re wondering ‘How do I unlock my iPhone X?’ you are in the right place. We can officially unlock your iPhone X by IMEI within 24 hours. All we need is your IMEI number.

Your iPhone X IMEI number is a set of 15 digits that are used to identify your device. This number can be found in your iPhone settings in the sim tray. The IMEI number is also often found on the packaging of the phone and in your iTunes account. Once you have provided us with the IMEI number of your iPhone X, we can remotely identify your device and officially unlock your iPhone X online by IMEI.

If you aren’t sure which carrier your iPhone X is locked to, you can use our fast carrier check.

Why choose iPhone Approved Unlock for your iPhone X?

iPhone Approved Unlock is the fastest iPhone X unlock service online. You will receive all the details you need to unlock your iPhone X by email, so you can keep your phone with you at all times.

The entire iPhone X IMEI unlock process takes place remotely ‘over-the-air’ using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi, so you can continue using your cell throughout the unlock – your service is uninterrupted.

You can track the progress of your iPhone unlock live online at any time during the process. Our expert customer support team is also available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Our official iPhone X unlock service whitelists your IMEI number on the Apple database, guaranteeing a permanent and official iPhone unlock.

Once IPhone Approved Unlock has unlocked your iPhone X by IMEI, it will be available for use on any carrier in the world. This is a 100% official and fully legal unlock, so your Apple warranty will remain unaffected.

We guarantee the lowest prices and the fastest service for iPhone X unlock online. We have a 100% success record for unlocking all devices – but if for some reason we can’t unlock your iPhone X, we’ll give you your money back.


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